Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Triple Threat: Brands that are natural and offer skincare & cosmetics

I can't tell you how many news "anchors" have thrown around the phrase, "New Year, New You" (gag) when segueing to a topic focused on health. But since January is a time to focus on re-booting your body I thought it might be nice to look at some brands that will help you keep it clean (inside and out). There are plenty of brands on the market that are just skincare or just cosmetics... but to do both (and do it well) while also using natural, good-for-you ingredients... well it's a tall order. Here are four brands that fit the bill:

1. Tarte
You may remember that I already wrote about the Tarte Maracuja oil before and I'm still a big fan. Tarte originally started out as a cosmetics brand that labeled themselves as "healthy couture" but in the past couple of years they've branched out into skincare as well. Not only do they have the oil, they have a great mask, eye cream and self-tanner for the body (most of the products are either infused with an Amazonian Clay or the Maracuja oil). The skincare side isn't that large yet, but I've been impressed with what they have to offer and I wouldn't be surprised if they continue to expand it. You can find Tarte at Sephora and QVC.

2. Dr. Hauschka
Similar to Tarte, Dr. Hauschka was originally just a skincare brand but now they offer beautiful cosmetics. Practically every product is infused with a good-for-you essential oil. Dr. Hauschka's brand is really extensive and while you can find a good selection at Whole Foods, many local spa's and salon's offer treatments and makeup applications with the products- what a treat!

3. Juice Beauty
Yes, Juice Beauty uses juice in their products (not water) making their products super concentrated and effective. They're famous for their Green Apple Peel, but now they've got some great cosmetics too (their tinted lip balms are some of my personal faves). Ulta and Whole Foods both carry Juice Beauty products.

4. Josie Maran
Sephora and QVC both carry this supermodel's super brand. Yes, Josie Maran is a model turned skincare-enthusiast/business woman. She discovered Argan oil while traveling for a shoot and loved all of its healing and emollient properties- and she's managed to permeate her products with the amazing ingredient. Her line is still small but definitely growing (don't you just love the rose gold packaging?).

**Have you tried any of these products? Any other natural brands (that have skincare and cosmetics) out there that you'd recommend?

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