Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Peel it off, peel it all off... the best Peel off mask for your skin

Sorry I didn't post yesterday but both Elise Ruby and I were sick this weekend and have been in recovery-mode. One thing that is nice to do for yourself when you're recovering from whatever ails you is a mask, so without further ado...

Welcome to mask week!! Last week was focused on healthy baking and this week will be focused on using masks to get your skin healthy. Peel-off masks are a fun way to treat and heal your skin and there's a peel-off mask for every skin type- here are some options.

Boscia Peel-Off Masks have four different varieties to offer based off your skin needs: The Luminizing Black Mask will decongest clogged pores i.e., blackheads. The Cool Blue Calming Mask will help hydrate and soothe red, irritated skin. The Bright White Mask will help brighten dark spots on skin and give it an allover radiance. The Green Tea Oil Control Mask is targeted for acne and breakouts. 

Freeman Peel-Off Mask Cucumber will help make skin soft and remove impurities. I've also seen one-time-use packets of the Freeman masks at the drugstore making them travel-friendly or if you're a full-size commitment-phobe.  

First Aid Beauty Red Clay Purifying Mask will deep clean the skin and reduce inflammation that is caused by breakouts.
No this isn't Campbell's tomato soup smeared all over my face, it's the First Aid Beauty Red Clay mask

** The key to any peel-off mask actually peeling off is to apply a pretty thick layer. If you only do a thin layer the mask will take forever to come off because you'll be peeling little, tiny strips... and you might as well just wash it off. When the thick layer is dry just make an expression. Yes any expression will do because your skin should be so tight from the mask that when you move your face parts of the mask will pull away, making this a great starting point for peeling. Then wash away any remaining mask residue and your skin should feel soft, luminous and healthy.

Have you ever tried a peel-off mask? Any favorites you'd recommend?


  1. Ive never tried one, but my face here has been dry and blotchy, which do you think I should use?

    1. Ali I would try the Boscia Cool Blue Calming Mask for hydration.