The Blog:

So here I am merging some of my favorite interests: baking and beauty products. I plan on mixing up the posts between baking and beauty just to keep things interesting! I hope you follow and comment as I explore and experiment.

What's with the name?

Cobbs Hill is a special place that I grew up going to every summer to spend time with my family and extended family- grandparents, cousins and the like. It's a magical place and my family and I love it dearly. I couldn't think of a more appropriate name for a blog than the place that cultivated my love of baking and beauty. 

About Me:

When I was about 6 years old there was a cookbook for kids in our kitchen. I remember wanting to make these Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes so bad. My mom helped me, and I still remember how delicious the cream cheese and chocolate chip “surprise” was in the cupcake. My family loved them and since I have four sisters who all like chocolate, this was a real winner. I was hooked. I became (and still am) the one who always makes treats for any family gathering. I’ve always loved sweets and baking became a natural outlet for indulging my aggressive sweet tooth.

When I was in high school, I heard about going to Esthetics School to do facials, waxing and body treatments. After promising my parents I’d try college (that lasted a measly semester) I went to beauty school and became an Esthetician. I’ve been licensed for over 12 years and have worked in a couple different spas. Mostly I’ve worked in retail and currently I work for a large, luxury beauty company as a consultant (I’ve decided not to disclose where I work since I’m not being sponsored by them or any brand. Also, I love ALL products and won’t be specific to any company, brand or price point unless otherwise noted). Having worked in a retail environment, this has helped me know first-hand what concerns and questions people have in regards to their skin and what products to use. 

After working in a few spas, I decided to go back to college and attended Framingham State University where I got my BA in English, (yes I know, I overuse comma’s) and met my husband, Kent, whom I’ve been married to for 10+ years. We have a three-year-old daughter, Elise Ruby who is all-consuming (as most kids are) and we live in the ‘burbs in Massachusetts.