Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Foodie stocking stuffers

We're in the final weeks before Christmas and since I've talked about foodie splurges and gifts under $50, it's only appropriate that we cover all our bases and talk about stockings! I love stockings because I love little things. Don't you find that the littlest things are the cutest? So here are some stocking suggestions that are broken down into two categories: gadgets & gizmos and delectables.

Gadgets and Gizmos:

- Zoku Slush & Shake Maker is perfect for those times you want a slushy or a single-serving of a shake. Maybe you're not in the mood to whip out your Vitamix. No problem! Just keep the cup frozen and when you pour in a cold liquid, use the included spoon to scrape down the sides. Magically, you'll start to see it get slushy! This works really well with juice and lemonade. I've also tried it with chocolate milk and loved it- so much healthier than a milkshake with ice cream, but it still had that texture and thickness of one. You can be as healthy as you want with this. 

- Chef n' Buttercup Butter Maker will be in my stocking this year (Santa tells me these things). Now I can make homemade butter without feeling like I should be wearing a bonnet. Another bonus? There's a built-in ramekin to store the butter. I can't wait to try it!

- Microplane grater & zester is something I only recently got. I know there's a lot of hype with this grater and I thought that's all it was- hype. That is, until I got one for myself. I'd been using the small holes on a regular grater and it only worked ok. Then I decided to try the Microplane and was shocked by how sharp and fast it grated/zested food. It made my other grater look archaic. This is an ideal size for a stocking- it's long and slim so it'll work perfectly!

- Amco Rub Away Bar  takes away any stinky scents from your hands. So if you often work with seafood, garlic and onions, this bar should be an essential for you. 


Belgium's Chocolate Source Truly Magical Sticks may not be the homemade hot cocoa that I prefer, but this sure beats the powdered stuff! Just heat up some hot milk, dip the spoon in and let the chocolate melt into a delicious, drinkable cocoa. I wouldn't be upset if this was in my stocking. 

- Godiva Gold Star Ornament this little box of assorted truffles can do double duty- it can fill a stocking or decorate the tree. I love to give Godiva chocolates because I love to eat them. And if you open a box of chocolates, don't you share? Everyone benefits!

- Christmas Santa Boot- Retro Assortment- this would be so cute to give to someone older than you (maybe your parents or grandparents) because they're candy from a by-gone era. Bring out the nostalgia with this little boot!

- La Saunier de Camargue Fleur de Sel- So many recipes of mine involve fleur de sel, but it may not be in everyone's kitchen. This beautiful tin will help them make some of the most delicious treats (here, here and here, to name a few). Perhaps attach a recipe card with the canister... then suggest that you'll be the taste tester ;)  

*Even though I may own some of these items, I would LOVE to have them in a stocking. Stockings are a great place to add something small, fun and whimsical. What do you hope to get in your stocking? Are you giving any of these?


  1. Such great ideas. I didn't know about the butter one.

    1. Thanks Aubrey- yes, I'm excited to try the butter maker. I hope it comes out well.