Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fabulous foodie gifts under $50

With the Holiday's fast approaching (hello, Hanukah is before Thanksgiving?!?!) I though I'd devote a Holiday gift giving post every week until Christmas, and today is all about foodie gifts under $50.

For the pizza connoisseur: I've been really into homemade pizza's lately (especially this recipe) and I'd love a gift like this.
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For the baker in the house:
I love oven mitts and you definitely need two of them- these mitts are sturdy enough to handle the hot oven heat. A small, flexible silicone spatula is essential for lifting cookies off the pan without scratching the surface. Every baker needs a cookie scoop. How else will you get that perfect, consistent round shape? Candy thermometer's aren't something you buy unless you need it for a specific recipe. So wouldn't it be so much easier if you could open the drawer, have the thermometer available and make these Pecan Pralines?

Popcorn junkies:
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We all know going to the movies has become ridiculously expensive, and sometimes it's better to stay in and watch a movie with different popcorn flavors. Aren't those individual popcorn cups the cutest? No germ-y hands in a big bowl. Here's one of my favorite popcorn recipes.

For the everyday chef:
salad spinner/ bamboo salad utensils/ large glass bowl
I feel like every time I go to a bridal shower, all the women who have been married for decades complain that they wish they could have a shower too- they're kitchen items are either broken or outdated. Well this salad set would be a great "refresher" gift of household items that a home chef who's been cooking for years may not have... or they might want to replace anyways!

How to brew loose tea, for beginners
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The tea industry has really exploded in the past couple of years. If your gift receiver likes tea then these are ideal for helping them start their loose tea journey!

All of these gifts would be great on their own (some of them could be stocking stuffers) and they'd all go nicely in a wrapped box or cellophane-d basket. What are you asking for the Holiday's?  Any of these suggestions helpful in crossing gifts off your list?