Monday, November 11, 2013

Beauty Fixation: November

You guys, this is seriously a favorite of mine. The ~H2O+ hand and foot smoother has been my go-to foot cream for close to a decade (I typically buy 3-4 at a time to always have a stock-pile). It's got a blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids so it actually exfoliates and hydrates. It's not too heavy for a foot cream, which helps it absorb really well.
top/ bottom (sorry for the graininess of the images)
Don't get me wrong, I still need to exfoliate my feet with a foot scrub and pedi file, but I don't need to do it that often- maybe once a month (more in the summer though). I put the foot cream on every day, after my shower. When your skin is slightly damp everything absorbs really well (same rule applies for your face & body) so apply right after the shower and it'll work even better! I am also a slipper fanatic (I currently have 3 in my everyday rotation- yes I just realized how much of a crazy person that makes me!) and I always reserve one pair for my foot cream (they never leave the bathroom). The slippers help keep the foot moisturizer from smearing all over the bathroom floor, keeping it on my feet instead!

Any foot products you've had success with?


  1. I never put lotion on my feet, but I like the idea of bathroom slippers right after.

    1. Even if you just slip a little body lotion on your feet, and then put the slippers on, well it's better than nothin'!