Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kitchen Fixation: November

My Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer is one of the most beloved items in my kitchen. I've made so many desserts and treats in that thing- including all the wedding cakes and frostings. I also have the ice cream /sorbet attachment (very dangerous in the summer) and am dying for the pasta attachments.

A couple of years ago I was making rolls on Thanksgiving day. I had doubled the batch and basically it was too much dough because it got sucked up into the motor and started smoking. Well I thought for sure I had broken it. It was waaaaay out of warranty and since it was the Holiday's, I didn't have the budget for a brand new one. Also, I wasn't ready to let go of this one yet because it was a wedding gift from my parents (more specifically, my mom, who knew I would cherish it). I ended up finding a Kitchen Aid repairman who cleaned up the motor and made it work again.

Other than that little hiccup, this has been a real kitchen workhorse (cliche but true). Do you have a stand mixer that you use? Any other kitchen appliances you're crazy about?


  1. I have one from my wedding too! Except its still back in Mass, I tell Mike everyday I miss it