Tuesday, September 18, 2012


32 eggs, 5 lbs. butter, 12 lemons, 15 cups of flour, 11 cups of sugar, 3 1/2 lbs. of chocolate, 2 lbs. of nuts (and a whole lot of other ingredients & time) will eventually give you 200+ desserts, and a cavity. I recently catered a birthday party and made lemon bars, fruit tarts, chocolate brownie cookies with salted carmel buttercream, and pecan/cashew bars. 

This was a slight departure from my usual cakes, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I've made all of these desserts multiple times so it wasn't complicated. 

When I was recommending items for the party, I tried to make sure that the desserts not only tasted good but also had a great presentation; the fruit tarts and lemon bars lend a much needed colorful vibrancy in contrast to the heavy, dense chocolate cookies and nut bars.

(sorry for the graininess of the pictures- I forgot my camera and used my iphone).


  1. These look amazing! I want those fruit tarts.

  2. Trisha, these all look fantastic. What a gourmet you are!