Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nailing it! 4 Nail polish colors for your skin tone!

Have you noticed how popular nail polishes are right now? Every brand seems to have unique colors and finishes with great topcoats and removers. Maybe you like gels or the nail sticker appliqu├ęs, either way you’ve got tons of options.

I think that everyone should own the perfect nail polish shades in neutral, pink, red and then throw in a fun color for when you need that wow-factor (this is the bare minimum list, for all you nail polish fanatics who can’t believe I’m only listing 4 colors!).

Did you ever try your best friends nail polish and after you put it on it looked…. wrong? Maybe some of that is your poor nail polish application (yes, that’s me) but maybe it’s the wrong color for you skin. You know how you need to pick a foundation or lipstick to complement your skin undertones? The same rules apply for picking a nail polish color.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself in order to pick your undertone (if you don’t know it already) along with 4 nail polishes that complement each skin tone:

Do you burn easily? Do you look flushed or red sometimes? Do you normally pick the lighter shades of foundation? You have pink undertones and your skin is on the light side.

1. Marc Jacobs Florescent Pale Beige Pink is a perfect neutral with just a hint of shimmer to take away the snooze factor that most nudes have.
2. Sephora Formula X in Relentless isn't too bright or too pale for a pink. It's perfect in every way.
3. Jin Soon Coquette has some pink and blue undertones making it a fantastic red for lighter complexions.
4. Essie nail color in Turquoise and Caicos is such a fun color for a mani and pedi any time of the year.

Do you tan easily? Does your skin look sallow sometimes? Do you normally pick the medium shades in a foundation? You have golden undertones (aka olive-y) and your skin is on the medium side.
1. Nuance Salma Hayek Nail Laquer, Bare Kiss 320 is a great beige that will help elongate the fingers.
2. Sephora Formula X in Unstoppable is a peachy pink to bring out that golden complexion.
3. Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Red Snapper is a beautiful tomatoey red.
4. Butter London in West End Wonderland is a sparkly gold to celebrate the every day.

If you hardly notice a tan because your skin is already dark, you still have reddish or golden undertones; they just may not be as noticeable compared to a paler complexion.

1. NYC in a New York Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish in Central Park is a dark pinky tan for days when you want to look polished and professional.
2. Rimmel London 60-second in Pink-a-Boo has just a hint of purple, making this pink a classic.
3. OPI Nail Lacquer in Vampsterdam  is a deep purple-y red that looks especially chic on shorter nails.
4. Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis in Orange Oasis 520 will brighten your day every time you look at this fun citrus hue.

I recently got a mani with Sephora Formula X in Thrilling (first picture shown) and loved the light, wintery shade- perfect for the cooler weather here. Have you tried any brands or colors that you're obsessed with?


  1. Very interesting - hadn't thought about nail color in this context.

  2. This makes perfect sense from an artistic perspective, but I'm like Aubrey, I would never have thought about nails like this. Thanks! In the past I have tried shades of polish I saw in a movie and it just did not look right on me. Well, I guess it wasn't the movie star factor at was not right for my coloring! :)
    Good to know. Thank you! Mystery Chick

    1. Thanks mystery chick for your comments! I hope you're able find the right shade now.