Thursday, November 21, 2013

Foodie Gift Splurges

For the one you love, go all out! Really though, everyone benefits from these gifts. That's why my husband never seems to mind buying me kitchen items because he knows he'll reap the rewards. Here's a few fancy splurges that you'll never regret having:

Yes it's true what everyone says about a Vitamix. They are sent from Heaven and make the best everything! If you ever watch the QVC segment on this thing then you'll know what I'm talking about. You need one and should put it on your list immediately!

Le Creuset cookware is worth every penny because they're versatile and they cook everything so well. Too well, almost. They hold in so much heat I barely need to have my stovetop on. I have a few pieces and truly enjoy using them.

All Clad has the most amazing stainless pans- they're infused with a special technology that cooks everything evenly. I have one of their larger sauté pans and use it constantly. It also cleans better than I thought it would (prior to the All Clad I only had non-stick cookware). I wish I was able to re-do my wedding registry because I would've asked for a set of these pans instead.

Maybe you're not so much into cooking as you are eating? How about a cheese-of-the-month club? This isn't some deli sliced American. This is months of hard, soft, blue, French, Spanish and any other fancy cheeses you can think of. The fun part will be finding ways to cook with them- especially one's that you've never tried before.

Stonewall Kitchen has a 12 month Specialty Club gift where each month you get different ingredients- jams, oils, syrups, boxed sets, etc.- to try your hand at. This would make a great gift for a family or for anyone who wants to cook more but is maybe a little overwhelmed in the creative department. Because Stonewall Kitchen pairs their kits perfectly, there's not too much guessing as to what to do with the maple syrup and pancake mix.

Well if you ever want a gift basket, you can't go wrong with anything from Harry & David. Do you know I'm crazy about gift baskets? I love them and never get them! I really am a sampler at heart. I love to try a little bit of everything and a gift basket is perfect for me. Now this one may be over-the-top, but it really is a party in a basket. Just set out some drinks and napkins and you're done!
Will any of these be added to your wishlist?


  1. I'm in love with my VitaMix and want everything else on this list, especially the all clad.

    1. All Clad is the best, but I want everything else too. That's the problem with making these lists!