Wednesday, July 16, 2014

the doctah is in

I know, I had just posted my love for the Peter Thomas Roth CC cream, but then Dr. Perricone came out with his No Makeup Makeup line and I'm pretty much obsessed with it.

First of all, there are a ton of anti-aging ingredient's built into each and every product (no surprise there since he is the anti-aging guru) and a physical SPF 15- 30 in almost all the products (not in the mascara though, obviously). My favorite so far is the No Foundation Foundation Serum.

There are four reasons why I'm in love with this product: 
1. The super lightweight texture is almost watery and runny- it's very thin and meant to feel like you have absolutely no makeup on. 
2. Neuropeptides, Vitamin C Ester, Alpha Lipoic Acid and a mineral SPF 30- this ingredient list reads like a powerful resurfacing/anti-aging treatment, not like a makeup. 
3. It's mixable. What I mean by mixable is you could add this to your existing foundation to boost the anti-aging and SPF factor, or you can add it to your moisturizer to create your very own tinted moisturizer (my only issue with the No Foundation Serum is that it comes in one color: medium. Being a fair-skinned girl, I can't wear this on it's own, so I have to mix it with my moisturizer in order for it to match my skin. I don't mind though. It saves me another step!). 
4. The lightweight texture will provide a light coverage, and it's buildable to a medium coverage without sacrificing that nothingness feel. Because that's the whole point of this makeup line: to make your skin look fantastic, while providing amazing anti-aging benefits, protecting it and making it look like your own skin, and not makeup!

A few other products I'm crazy about are the No Blush Blush and the No Lipstick Lipstick:

I'm not normally a liquid/creamy blush kinda girl, but this is (again) a thin, watery texture and the color is a beautiful peachy pink. I've seen it look different on so many skin tones and it's really gorgeous. Just apply a few dots on the apples of the cheeks and blend out with your fingers. You can add more if you want, and even add a few dots to your lips to give them some more color. And there's that physical SPF 30 again, with also some skin firming DMAE as a bonus!

As we age, we lose pigment in our lips and this is evident within my family- my mom and one of my sisters have barely any color in their lips, so they're always looking for a good lip product. The No Lipstick Lipstick looks like your natural lip color, just enhanced one or two shades. And since it contains Sodium Hyaluronate (plumps and hydrates), Vitamin E, Neuropeptides and the physical SPF 30, it's a perfect lip balm to wear everyday, or as your primer before your favorite lipstick is applied. 

Have you tried any of the products from this line yet?

* Dr. Perricone has no idea who I am (wish he did!) so there was no compensation or reimbursement for this post, I'm just a big fan. 

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