Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Beauty Fixation: December- Ultra Repair Cream

First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair cream is something I've been using on Elise Ruby since she was 2 months old. The cream is meant for all skin types, but ideal for sensitive. One time, I had a client tell me that it calmed her eczema flare-ups so that she practically forgot she had the condition in the first place!

It also happens to be created by a local woman from Newton, MA who suffered from sensitive skin and had issues with finding products to suit her. I talked about their balm for dry hands, but it's really meant for any extra-dry patches on the skin (hello elbows, I'm talking about you!).

I don't think my skin is overly sensitive, but the few times I've had any irritation this is one of the first products I put on. I know it will sooth, hydrate and heal my skin. And the best part? Even though it's labeled as a "cream" it has a whipped lightness to it, making it feel more like a lotion so that you can put this anywhere on your face & body. An extra bonus: there's no synthetic fragrance or parabens making this cream perfect for all genders, ages and skin types.

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