Tuesday, October 6, 2015

fall faves

I haven't fallen this hard for a product in a while. My moisturizer is meh, and I rotate cleansers constantly...I'm content with all of them, I just like to try new products. Basically, I like to keep my skin guessing. Anyway, I recently tried Sunday Riley's Good Genes and oh my heaven's do I wish I had skin like this all the time and I wish I could afford it! This is a product that my skin loves and it's obvious when I haven't used it...so I guess it needs to stay in the routine! It's a nighttime serum that is primarily a 30% lactic acid. Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy (think: glycolic) but because it is derived from milk, it's the gentlest of all the AHA's. That's why a 30% isn't such a scary amount when it's a gentler ingredient from the get-go. But if you're super sensitive you can apply it a couple times a week and leave on for a few minutes, then rinse. I personally use it about 4-5x a week (without rinsing it off), put a moisturizer on over it and go to bed. I wake up with skin that is clearer, more even, pores are tighter and fine lines are harder to see. Now you see why I love this product?

Ole Henricksen Empower Me Cleanser is a gentle, creamy foaming cleanser. When the weather turns cold I know my skin needs more moisture so I like that this doesn't strip my skin of it's hydration. It's also pH balanced, so it has a built-in toner and technically removes makeup too. Oh, it also smells fabulous!

I know the EOS Shave Cream is a bit random here, but I'm really crazy about this lately. I've used it all summer long and it's a rich cream that doesn't lather (unlike most shave creams that foam) so a little goes a long way. I get such a smooth shave when I use this, and my legs feel so soft and hydrated that I probably don't even need body lotion after.

The Peter Thomas Roth Blue Marine Algae Mask is a lovely mask that makes my skin feel cushioney soft and plump with hydration. It's a gel mask that is loaded with algae and hyaluronic acid, which infuses dehydrated skin with loads of moisture. This is also great at calming inflammation and can be used 2-3 times a week, or everyday if needed. And in the winter, it might just be needed everyday.

So now that the season has changed, do you change your skincare products too? I'd love to hear what your using!

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