Tuesday, April 7, 2015

wake up call

a.m. routine
On a regular basis, I'm asked what products I use. Sometimes people ask me because they're complimenting me. Sometimes they genuinely want to know so that I can recommend something from my routine. And sometimes I think they want to know so that they can test me. Maybe they're testing me because they know I'm an Esthetician or because I have a beauty blog, or because they know I have a terrible memory and can't remember the products I use on my face every. day. It's pathetic, really.

Anyway, here's my routine for the fall/winter/early spring seasons (I'll post my p.m. routine tomorrow). As the weather warms up, some of these products will change.

1. First Aid Beauty Cleanser is my go-to cleanser when I need to use something quick and gentle. Sometimes my face is extra sensitive (maybe from a peel or too much retinol) and this cleanser will clean my skin without drying it or adding to any irritation.

2. I alternate between the First Aid Beauty Cleanser and this one. The Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Cleanser feels like you are washing your face with a cloud. It's a creamy foam that is heaven sent for combo/dry skin...it also doesn't hurt that the soft citrus scent gently wakes me up.

3. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate is a facial in a tube. It contains enzymes, an AHA peel and also granules so it's a triple exfoliator that packs a major punch. My skin is super soft every time I use this.

4. I don't know how I've lived without Dr. Brandt Needles No More. It's a targeted serum that's only applied to the areas where Botox would go (which is only the forehead and outer crow's feet) and a dual peptide delivery system relaxes the muscle contraction and mimics the results of Botox, but without the needle. There are immediate and cumulative results and I'm just over the moon about it.

5. Shiseido Ultimune Concentrate is a pre-treatment serum that is full of antioxidant protection to keep my skin on the D-E-F-E-N-S-E all. day. long.

6. Fresh Black Tea Eye Concentrate is a lovely, hydrating (albeit rich) eye cream that moisturizes my dry eye area. It also doesn't hurt that it's loaded with anti-aging benefits.

7. I've expressed the benefits of using a hyaluronic acid serum before and Perricone MD Hyalo Plasma is the one I use to keep myself from slathering my dehydrated skin with gross stuff, like Vaseline.

8. Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Cream has a cream-gel texture that sinks in and feels great. I only wish it had an SPF, but at least I get that from my tinted moisturizer.

Ok, so what are the products you use in the morning? Do you use as many products as this?

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