Thursday, January 29, 2015

How about a powder cleanser?

I've been using a powder foundation since I was 16, so I feel semi-responsible for holding down the powder trend that has just taken place in the skincare world. That's right, powder cleansers are all the rage in skincare and they're amazing. Here's why:

So, here are some powder cleansers that could work for you:

Josie Maran  //  Tatcha  //  Amore Pacific
~ Everyone can benefit from using these powder cleansers because who doesn't want to reveal soft, brighter skin in a gentle formula? You guessed it, everyone wants that!

Bliss  //  Peter Thomas Roth  //  Nude Skincare
~ These brightening powders are loaded with vitamin C to help lift dark spots due to sun damage, melasma and old acne stains.

Cold Spring Apothecary  //  Murad Transforming Powder
~ Even though these powder formulations are gentle and will not spread or irritate inflamed, acne prone skin, they will treat it with a myriad of zit-fighting ingredients that will help clear up the skin faster. Clay, fennel seed and salicylic acid should do the trick.

* So, think you'll try one? I'm personally obsessed with Amore Pacific and Nude powder cleanser/exfoliators. Can't recommend these enough!

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