Friday, December 5, 2014

foodie gifts 2014

The title of this should really be: everything I want for Christmas (Kent, pay attention here please). So, here they are!

For entertaining:
I have a small collection of cake stands and these doily cake plates are precious and practical- a must! This star platter works for entertaining any time of the year and will elevate any food placed on top of it. Who cares about using this stemless wine glass for wine? I'd use it every day of the week for juice, water... you name it. It's too pretty not to use everyday!

For Cooking:

For years now I've been toying with the idea of making my own pasta. Since I don't normally make a lot of pasta it doesn't make a ton of sense, but I do love the idea of turning into a real Italian Mama with these little attachments


These are just a few of the cookbooks I've been dying to get my baking mitts on. I have all of the other Ina Garten coookbooks, so it just makes sense to complete the collection. A Kitchen in France is worth buying just for the pictures alone. And need I say more with Homemade Decadence? The cake recipe on the cover is worth the cost of the book. 

For the Stocking:

One of these may already be ready to go in my stocking (thanks Santa!). The chef'n zipstrip herb stripper not only takes the precious leaves off the stems, but then those leaves fall into the bowl so they're all contained. And those hot cocoa sticks come in a few flavors to try (salted caramel and French dark truffle anyone?).  

So, what are you asking for? Any of these items being added to your list?


  1. Wow, really cool, I like the herb stripper, what a great idea, thanks!

    1. Thanks KK, yes that may be the item in my stocking. maybe...

  2. Great foodie ideas! I've always liked the idea of a pasta maker. It sounds gourmet to make your own pasta.