Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Aspirational Aging

Charlotte Rampling for NARS lipsticks
I must say I've been pleasantly surprised by some beauty companies (NARS and Marc Jacobs among them) who are featuring older women for their beauty campaigns. Sure, we've seen Sharon Stone (for Dior) and Diane Keaton (for L'oreal) promote various anti-aging creams, but to have a model with visible lines and wrinkles that are featuring a lipstick or mascara, well it's just unprecedented.

Jessica Lange for Marc Jacobs Beauty
Most of the beauty advertisers use flawless-skinned young beauties that will have just the right pout for that gloss, or smooth, high cheekbones to feature their newest blush.

Yes that's shimmer (SHIMMER!!) on her lids and she's over 60. Gasp!
After working in the Beauty Industry for a decade+, I've learned a few things from various interactions I've had with women of all ages (including my mother and relatives). There truly is no such thing as anti-aging. In fact, we're all aging right now, even as you read this sentence. We can't fight time and gravity (ok, maybe a plastic surgeon can fight it for a while). And even though we all know that anything labeled "anti-aging" is one of the best marketing ploys out there, there are still ways that we can look, and feel, younger. So this is what I know:
- A colorful lipstick will brighten your face and make you feel polished, even if you have no other makeup on.
- Hair dye was invented for a reason- grey hair definitely ages you. As my Mom always said, she'll keep dying her hair until my Dad's hair goes white too. Sometimes you have to level the playing field.
- I'll never forget the laugh I shared with a client when she called the skin between her breasts the "Grand Canyon"...  in fact, this still makes me laugh. A sense of humor is invaluable.
- If your eyelids are droopy, don't worry about eye makeup and wear a bold lip instead. If your lips are thinning, wear a bright blush on the cheeks. There are still ways to enhance your features and to brighten your skin, even if it is dry and gravity has taken its toll.
- I have a client whom I love helping. She's a white-haired beautiful woman and is the epitome of grace and sophistication. Her clothes and makeup are impeccably tailored and applied, and even though she uses a cane, she walks with elegance. She also wears the most incredible jewelry, and when I once complimented her on it she said, "they're all from my husband, and it took years to get." Now that's something to look forward to!
- Movement in your face is a wonderful thing- I once worked with an older woman at a spa and she told me she liked me because I smiled with my eyes. Happy, friendly people smile with their whole face- and it should show. So when I see the "crows feet" appearing I just think about who or what made me smile that day and then I end up smiling again...

While I'll still feature the newest anti-aging ingredients or things to keep you looking and feeling younger, I just want to age as healthily as I can. I want my body to be strong, my mind to be quick, to feel love and joy every day and to stay relevant and "with it" in regards to the ever-changing society/economy/technology that we're all apart of. And if I happen to use something to lengthen my lashes or to help dark spots disappear, then it just gets better and better ;)


  1. This is a great post, not only about make-up and beauty secrets but also about confidence, humor and having a good attitude. These three attributes & approach to life are eventually reflected on our very faces.

  2. Touching and True!! Ps. You do smile with your whole being......Thats where the fountain if youth can really be found. Its nit in a vile or a bottle. Its in our souls.....Trish, with yours, you got this aging thing whipped! Blessings♡

    1. Anna you are too kind, and you are a wonderful example to me!