Monday, July 7, 2014

protecting that baby skin

Elise Ruby at 10-months old
After I had Ruby, I needed to do a lot of research on a good sunscreen for her, and after I did the sunscreen posts a couple weeks ago, I had some inquires as to what sunscreen is safe for babies, kids, or anyone who is pregnant or nursing. With anyone, a safe bet will always be using a physical sunscreen (or anything labeled "natural" as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are natural minerals), and baby sunscreen is really fine for any age.

Most Dr.'s (and the Skin Cancer Foundation) say it's safe to apply sunscreen to a baby after 6 months of age, and trying to find the right type is tricky. The skin of a baby is thin and prone to a lot of sensitivity from fragrance to ingredients, so it's important to always chose a physical sunscreen because a chemical sunscreen will absorb into their skin, whereas the physical will sit on top to protect it. Also, most sunscreens labeled for "babies" have little to no fragrance and a much higher SPF count. All of these qualities are important for babies and anyone with sensitive skin. 

Badger // Johnson's // Neutrogena // Mustela // California Baby
Of course if you're at the beach or pool all day, keeping that baby covered, wearing a hat and under an umbrella (or in a tent- although I always thought those tents would get too hot because there's no breeze) with lots of sunscreen is important.

I recently read an article from Consumer Reports that found evidence of spray sunscreens being bad for children's lungs... this is really frustrating because I love those spray sunscreens for me and Ruby- they're so convenient for reapplication. The article says that if you're going to use them, then only spray it outdoors and in your hand, not directly on the child. Considering I just bought a 3-pack of spray sunscreen this may be what I do to use them up, and I'll make sure Ruby is turned away from the sunscreen when I'm spraying it. Also, any mineral powder sunscreen (i.e., Bare Minerals, Peter Thomas Roth) is also not good for the lungs, so only apply this stuff outdoors and don't inhale!

I also thought this article on natural bug spray's (that are safe for kids and adults) was interesting and I can't wait to try them out.

How do you protect your baby? Do you use any of these sunscreens, baby or not?


  1. That's a great photo lead-in. What a darn cute Baby! Great smile!!!

  2. Great Info.! I did not know at all about the spray sunscreens, now I will be more careful when using them.
    My "babies" are now older but 17 years ago, California Baby was it for me. It was the best brand out there & I am assuming still a great brand. What I noticed at the time, was even though companies labeled it safe for babies skin, it was not. I completely agree, you have to do your homework on the chemicals they put in their products & read the fine print.
    Thanks Again!

    1. Thanks KK, yes California Baby is still a wonderful brand, and as far as the sprays go, I guess we just all need to be more careful.