Thursday, April 10, 2014

cheap n' chic: 10 under $10

Since today is the 10th I thought it was appropriate to show you 10 things I'm obsessed with that happen to be $10 or less:
cheap n' chic

cheap n' chic by cobbshillcakes 

1. Urban Outfitters banded lunch box $10: talk about portion control! This stylish little box will make you a hit in the lunch room and will inspire you to eat lighter fare for the warmer weather.

2. Forever 21 stacked rings $4.80: I love wearing these rings. The peach-colored flower is perfect for Spring and they go with so many outfits!

3. Target striped tee $9: No matter what color combinations are used, I love stripes- in home design and in my clothes :) 

4. Sur la Table Bunny cookie cutter $1.25: and would be perfect for making homemade chocolate covered bunnies! That's my kind of Easter basket!

5. Maybelline nail polish in Green with Envy, $3.99: I'm obsessed with this pale, mint green color right now! I'm currently sporting this color as my pedicure and am crazy about it.

6. Target Threshold ceramic dip bowls, set of 2, $7.99: even though they're technically for dips they could be used for so many other things- i.e., a candy dish, jewelry holder, etc.

7. NYX Lip Butter in Lady Fingers, $3.99: I love a tinted lip balm and this is no exception. It's moisturizing with a hit of color, yet more wearable than a lipstick.
8. Jergen's Natural Glow Firming Body Moisturizer, $8: All Spring and Summer I use this body lotion on my arms and legs. Even though I'm super pale, I use the medium-tan skin tone because the fair bottle just didn't show up. It's not that I want to be super dark, I just don't want people to catch a glare from my paleness. 

9. E.L.F. Beauty Eye Book Bright, $5: This eyeshadow palette is right on-trend for the warm weather season. For five bucks you can't go wrong mixing in a few bright colors in with your everyday neutrals.

10. Sees chocolate Easter Bunny, $3: I love Sees chocolate (thanks Mom for starting the addiction) and how can you resist a cute bunny, even if you're too old to have an Easter basket?!

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