Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pinspirational beauty

If you have any involvement with Pinterest you'll understand what I'm about to say: I love to pin pins. I love the images, the idea's, the mental planning, the hope of changing something, the organization for planning something, anything! Pinterest is wonderful and amazing and a little bit overwhelming, if I'm being honest. I've been trying to pull away lately because I've just pinned and pinned and pinned and now what do I do with all of it? Most of the time I pin with a purpose: a new recipe to try, a different way to sew curtains, an activity for toddlers...  but then I have so many pins and so many boards that it's becoming a little out of control. I recently went through my older pins and found some real gems. There are things I've intended to do/try but they've just gotten lost with the new pins coming in. Here are some of my pins that are just devoted to beauty (tomorrow I'll show you my dessert pins- it's a treasure trove of good idea's!):

~ I've heard amazing things about this mask and about the brand, Eve Lom, I just need to get my hands on it!

~I'm really horrible at doing my own nails because I usually dent them when they're almost dry. I've been wanting to get this nail dryer for a while now since it could help my manicure last.

~ I've already talked about product storage here and this has inspired me to get my makeup organized and under control. Shallow drawers would be really great for makeup. This is definitely an inspiration. 
source unknown

~ Finding the perfect bubble bath products have been on my blogging to-do list for quite some time now. This is one that I've gotta try- just try to resist that gorgeous packaging!

~ I think Lauren Conrad's Beauty Department is a great site and I love this contour/highlight tutorial. I hope to do one on here someday, but this is just too good not to show you. 

So, does this seem familiar to you as well- lot's of pinning but nothing being done with the pins? Since I'm going back to my old pins it's also helping me clear out some that I'll never do or already tried and didn't have success with. It's like Spring Cleaning for Pinterest!

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