Monday, January 6, 2014

I'm dreaming of... beauty product storage!!

Beauty product storage is a bit of an issue for me. One of the main issues is my bathroom: 
there's absolutely no storage in there except for a wall cabinet that I put up when we moved in. The pedestal sink means there's no under-cabinet storage which forces me to put all my products in the "everything" closet next to my bathroom. My dream storage space would probably be this:
Yes I'm aware that this is clothing, but I'd be happy having a large vanity for makeup and a cabinet filled with products in a room with my clothes (because this is soooo much more than a closet!). This happens to be one side of Mariah Carey's closet, and since I don't have a voice that can make millions of dollahs, I'm going to have to make do with my ranch house. 

Unfortunately there aren't many storage options for my situation. There's a ton of "under cabinet storage" or "drawer divider" containers, but since I don't have a cabinet or drawers, I have to get creative (ie, time for a hack!). I think I found a few items that could help me:

- When you have a deep shelf for narrow items (like beauty products) sometimes items in the back get lost- having this stair step would prevent that (technically this is a spice rack).

- This would be perfect for holding larger items like a hair dryer, shampoo's, bubble baths, etc. It doesn't hurt that the color is fantastic too.

- Another spice rack, but a turntable can be your best friend. It literally rotates your products so nothing gets forgotten. The top could hold smaller things like eye creams and nail polishes.

- Acrylic is a girls best friend when it comes to makeup storage. I love being able to see all my products and the divided compartments and various drawer sizes really make this customizable. 

* Do you use any organizers to corral your products? If so, any recommendations?


  1. yes, that closet is beautiful. Every woman's dream.

  2. I love using the MUJI acrylic drawers. They are amazing and much more affordable than most other options.

    1. Thanks Ashley, that's a great suggestion!