Monday, March 31, 2014

beauty product storage update

Last week Elise Ruby and I were in New Mexico visiting my grandmother (that's why there were so few posts) and we got a true taste of heavenly Spring weather. Each day was 70 degrees, allowing us to spend many hours playing outside at the park and blowing bubbles. Returning to rainy, 40 degree New England has energized me to get ready for Spring Cleaning!
Remember when I was Dreaming of Beauty Product Solutions? Well I think I've found some ways to organize my beauty products and clean out the old ones at the same time- which has really helped me find things!

As I mentioned in Dreaming of beauty product organization, my bathroom is small with a pedestal sink so there's basically no storage. That's why all my products are housed in this closet next to the bathroom.

These are the products I used to get organized. Some of them are traditionally for kitchen pantry organization but sometimes you have to think out of the box.
riser, acrylic organizer, turntable
most of my facial skincare products are on the turntable, which I'm loving
with a long shelf I needed 2 risers
this still looks sloppy to me- I just need to find a better cosmetic organizer 
I think I need another pink nail polish, don't you?
This is definitely a work-in-progress- it's by no means "done". Because this closet does quadruple duty (coat closet, cleaning supplies, beauty supplies, houseware supplies) I'd love to decorate it better, ie- tear it all apart and paint it to make it look pretty! We're using the original shelving that came with the house, but I can't help think what a Container Store employee could do with this thing- they'd have a hay-day.

What do you use to organize your products? Any recommendations?


  1. Oh I love all the organization!

    1. Yes Aubrey, it's an organizer's dream!

  2. You're always so inspirational! Love your creativity and energy :) Mystery Chick

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