Monday, February 10, 2014

chocolate heaven

The Cafe Fleuri, located inside the Langham Hotel in Boston, hosts a chocolate bar on Saturdays- something I've salivated over for years and finally got the chance to go with a few of my family members this past weekend.
I only photographed two of these amazing edible chocolate sculptures but there were at least a dozen.
It was a treat in every sense. There were at least eight tables filled with row upon row of mini, delicate desserts waiting to tickle your tongue. Truffles, creme brulee, cream puffs, ice cream, dessert crepes, chocolate mousse, lava cakes, chocolate soup, cookies, my oh my!

The obligatory chocolate fountain

A fresh baked mini chocolate chip cookie and shot glass of milk

This swan cream puff was filled with chocolate mousse and whipped cream with pink chocolate curls decorating the plate

This was only my first plate. I'm not embarrassed to say I had many more plates after this one (this was my lunch after all)
Wouldn't it be so much fun to host your own chocolate bar? I'm thinking you invite either girlfriend's or couples and everyone brings their favorite chocolate dessert- then you serve mini-size portions so everyone can sample the delicacies. That was key to the chocolate bar- small sizes. Oh and presentation. And I can't forget smell. Oh might as well throw in taste too, it is chocolate we're talking about here!

If you had a chocolate bar, what would you make? Any chocolate recipes you save for special occasions?


  1. Beautiful. I feel like I can even smell them. The swan cream puff looks decadent. What a fun thing to go to. I like the idea of having a chocolate sample party. Thanks for posting your wonderful outing.

    1. Thanks Amy! And let me know if you throw a chocolate party, I'd love to hear about it :)

  2. Good idea to have a chocolate bar party. Especially if everyone brought their favorite dessert.

    1. Thanks Aubrey! It would be a fun party to have, especially if you don't have the Langham hotel nearby!