Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beauty Fixation: January

Long before the movie 'Marie Antoinette' came out I already had a deep infatuation with English & French history during the 1700's. I personally love Historical Fiction novels and read a book about Marie Antoinette (not the one the movie was based on and it was so long ago I really don't remember which one it was- sorry!) and I craved going to France.
The Petit Trianon
Lucky me, quite a few years ago, I was able to go for a quick trip with my parents and sister (one of) to Paris where we toured all the major sites. On our list: Versailles. It was March and chilly but unbelievably worth it. The extensive grounds, ornate detailing, the fact that it's still standing hundreds of years later... it's beautiful, grotesque and spectacular all at the same time. One little area that we didn't go to was the Petit Trianon.- this was Marie Antoinette's little hideaway from court. She was able to host private parties there and "let her hair down". The Petit Trianon had it's own farm and there were various buildings on-site for the farmers and supplies. Only the Petit Trianon has been open for tours because the other building were in need of repair.... (this is where I finally make my point and quit the history lesson) until the Parisian house of Christian Dior benevolently donated the funds to repair the Queen's Hamlet house.
Queen's Hamlet House
Their philanthropy is the source of a new Spring beauty assortment called The Petit Trianon Collection:

** Obsessed. I'm completely infatuated with the entire collection (and let me tell you, that hasn't happened in a long time) and want to own all of it. Of course I don't own a single piece of it, but I want the Porcelain blue nail polish and the 5- color eyeshadow palette. With the horrid Polar Vortex, this Spring collection is just the thing to brighten my day- and maybe yours too. Anything interest you from the collection?


  1. Oh no, now I'm obsessed too. Perfect marketing because I want it all.

    1. Yes I know Aubrey, it's all cult-worthy