Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Perfect Holiday party look (red lips)

Last week Kelly Clarkson had a Christmas TV special air. While I'm not really a Kelly Clarkson fan, I happened to flip to it and Ruby started dancing to her music- so that meant I couldn't change the channel. 

And while she has an amazing voice (and some songs that I really liked) I couldn't help but stare at her flawless makeup. Kelly Clarkson was wearing the perfect Holiday Look! A soft eye (taupe-y, shimmery eyeshadow, tiny winged black liner), highlighter on the cheeks for the *glow* and the lips... those red lips are the perfect shade of red! They had a velvet matte look, which gave them some staying power, and were expertly applied. Cheers to her glam squad!

The best part about her look is that you don't need a team of experts to help you look amaze! Here's some red lipsticks that should help you have that perfect pout: 
1/ 2/ 3/ 4
Now if you're not a lipstick wearer, you can always do an opaque gloss, lip stain or even a tinted lip balm. I just think if there's ever a time of year to wear lipstick, this is it.  

So for your next Holiday gathering, put this look together and spread some cheer with a bright red smile :)

p.s. did you notice her lips match her nails? Bonus points to anyone who does this!!


  1. I'm inspired to go red and be festive this Holiday season. Kelly's makeup is really beautiful. Great tips!

    1. Thanks Tracy, I'm glad you're inspired by the red too :)