Tuesday, December 31, 2013

That was SO 2013- end the year with all the trends!

Let's take a walk down memory lane and go through 5 of 2013's hottest trends. Who knows, maybe you'll even sport some of these looks for 2014!

1. Highlighting & Contouring
The Queen of Contouring: Kim Kardashian
No one knows how to H&C like Kim K. or J. Lo. There's nothing wrong with it- just use the right products (I like these palettes) in the right places and you'll have "as seen on TV" chiseled bone structure too!

2. Ombré hair color & 3. long waves
Drew Barrymore, Lily Aldridge
Oh this hairstyle has picked up momentum! We're seeing brunettes with blonde tips, black hair with purple ends, blondes with red ends... really every color is involved. Another easy way to get this look is by using a different color extension- because 90% of starlets have extensions added to their hair for length and volume (p.s. I made up that percentage, but I'm sure it's close to that). Just use a styling tool (like this) to give you those loose, wavy I-practically-did-nothing-to-my-hair-and-it-looks-fabulous style.

4. Winged liner paired with the nude-y lip
Lauren Conrad's perfect cat eye
2012 was the Smokey Eye and nude lip, while 2013 was this feminine winged eyeliner and not-too-nude lip. There was a little more color to the lip so that no one had their lips washed out like they did in 2012. This is really a timeless look.

5. A touch of Glitter
top/ bottom
I talked about glitter on the nails already, but it was such a huge trend for 2013 that it's worth mentioning again. Just keep it to the tips or one finger, otherwise you look like a teeny-bopper. 

*So, are you rocking any of these looks to a New Year's Eve party tonight? Even if you're not going to a party, it'll be fun watching everyone on TV wear 'em. Happy New Year's!

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