Monday, October 28, 2013

Scary Savory Food

I don't know about you, but I'm still in Halloween mode. I've seen so many fun Halloween freaky-food ideas that it's worth taking a look at. Maybe you are going to a party and need some ideas. Maybe you like to get creative with food for a family dinner. Maybe you like to scare the daylights out of your co-workers and surprise them with 1.) you actually brought food to share and 2.) that it's Halloween creepy food. Regardless of the reason, these food ideas are fun and artistic.

Aren't these mummy hot dogs great? Pillsbury crescent dough wrapped around hot dogs, baked and then 2 little ketchup dots for eyes and you are done! My mom used to make hot dogs on Halloween night because it was fast- we had a candy agenda after all. I could've seen her making these for us.

Maybe you're not a hot dog person but want to stay within the mummy theme then these are the pizza's for you. Just tear apart string cheese and lay it down in strips, criss crossing. Two sliced olives really make these mummies come alive (or is it dead?).

Aren't these mouths a scream? (FYI, I'm only going to apologize once for all the lame puns. Sorry!) Apple slices with either peanut butter or nutella and some mini marshmallows will have your kids chattering about these for days.
If you're into pumpkin carving then this should definitely be something you bring to a party. This image makes me laugh (and grosses me out a little, admittedly). Dip, veggies and the pumpkin all make for a perfect centerpiece. 

If you're not into carving pumpkins, then just display the veggie tray in a creative way. Dip for the head, lettuce for the hair and then all the veggies laid out like a skeleton- genius!
 Tomorrow's post will be scary dessert and treats. Hope you come back.... if you dare.


  1. Love all these ideas Trisha and I should have made your hot dogs more fun and scary looking!

    1. Well Pinterest makes all the difference!