Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Not so tricky treats: five no-bake Halloween desserts

Continuing the Halloween theme we cannot, and will not, neglect the most exciting thing about Halloween- the TREATS! Here are my top 5 easiest Halloween desserts:

These pumpkin balls are made with crushed golden Oreo's & cream cheese (a delightful combination, in my opinion) and rolled in orange sprinkles with a pretzel stick in the middle. So easy and so cute!


Seriously, these marshmallow pops are for anyone who underestimates their skills as a baker. You don't even have to melt the chocolate if you don't want to. Buy the big marshmallows, some cute straws and black food coloring- 3 dots later and you have a tasty, scary ghost!


These pumpkin rice krispie treats don't seem much more complicated than the original recipe. I bet you could get really crazy and roll these into balls to look like pumpkins... maybe mini chocolate chips for the face so it's a jack-o-lantern... hmm, I might have to do that now!


This is a pumpkin ice cream pie, which is unusual for this time of year but if you live in a warmer climate, this may be just up your alley. Purchase a pre-made graham cracker crust and your favorite pumpkin-flavored ice cream (or take vanilla and mix in pumpkin pie spice). Once the ice cream is in the pie shell you could chop your favorite candies to make a face. What I think would be really fun is if you melted hot fudge (or took Hershey's syrup) and drizzled it all over the top to make a spider web pattern. You could do it with melted caramel too!


I think you could get really creative with these witchy hat cookies and make them into piñata witchy hat cookies. Just get chocolate ice cream cones and crispy chocolate cookies (like the wafer kind) and the "glue" holding the cone down to the cookie could be melted chocolate. For the piñata, get candy corn, m&m's (any small candy will do) and fill the cone with the candy before placing the cookie on it. What a fun surprise it will be when someone takes apart the hat and discovers another treat! I would've been crazy about this as a kid.

Tomorrow I'm going to post my top 5 Halloween treats that may involve turning on the oven. They won't be overly complicated, just not as quick as a 5 minute treat.