Friday, July 17, 2015

summer hair saviors

summer hair saviors

Honestly, I've been super lazy with my hair this summer...and for good reason. My house was built in the '50's and I'm not sure if central AC even existed yet, but I can assure you it definitely does not exist in my house. Every spring my husband and I (ok, mostly Kent does this) drags the AC's out of the attic and installs them into the windows. It makes our house look super glamorous.

Unfortunately the window in our bathroom is too small for an AC so after a shower the extra humidity makes a beeline for my hair and frizzes it out. And you can imagine on a hot day (in an already hot bathroom) the sweat on my forehead as I use my blow dryer or flat iron. Ugh! I needed to find a solution, and fast! Thankfully, a few brands felt my pain (or saw my frizz) and came to my rescue.

1. Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It is a miracle for my hair because I don't have to use any heat styling at all and it takes away the frizz and adds a ton of shine to my hair. It doesn't do a lot for volume though...otherwise I'm pretty obsessed with this product.

2. Living Proof Humidity Shield is like an insurance agency for your blow out (or lack of one- see above). The superfine mist doesn't weigh down your hair, it just blocks and takes away frizzy humid hair. Oh, it's also got a built-in UV protector too so your color won't fade with the sun. I literally keep a mini size of this spray in my purse because it can be used all day long, and it should.

3. Blonde Bobby Pins (obviously I use the blonde since that's my hair color) just disappear in my hair and hold up that cute braided hairstyle that's in the inspiration photo. Thankfully bobby pin companies now make a pin for practically every hair color.

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo is a UK favorite for good reason- it wonderfully absorbs oil but leaves the hair soft and touchable. Batiste also makes a lot of scent options so your hair can smell delicious all the time.

5. Hair Ties are a no-brainer when I just need to throw my hair up in a messy top-knot. Some days just aren't worth the trouble. Ya know what I mean?

What are some of your favorite hair styles for the summer? What products do you use to get the look?

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