Monday, May 4, 2015

spring clean your makeup

I know I'm usually recommending what products to buy, but sometimes it's worth talking about what to get rid of. I thought of this as I was dusting the ceiling fan blades in my living room (yay for spring cleaning!) and got a speck of dust stuck on my lip gloss (ewwwww!!!). After furiously wiping my lips it got me thinking about how long I'd been wearing that particular gloss. Too long, really.

The key thing to remember when purging is to stop thinking about how much you spent on it or how pretty it looked on you. This isn't your closet where you'll wear that dress next season. Next season in makeup = germ infested product that could potentially get you sick, or give you a gross eye infection. That is not okay. Here's the breakdown:

And don't forget to wash your makeup brushes (ok, this is more of a reminder for me than anyone!). Once you've cleared out the old stuff, reward yourself with a new gloss. I recently got this one and now want every color available!

So, what are you going to purge?

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