Monday, January 12, 2015

toolin' around

cleansing toolsDo you use a cleansing device to wash your face? I've praised the results of the Clarisonic brush before, but now that they have a new model out it seems that the market is flooded with other brands trying to elbow their way in.

Why use a cleansing tool, and not just your hands? For starters, they're going to clean your face waaaaaay better than your fingers ever could. So, once your skin is deeply cleansed every product (like a serum/moisturizer) that you put on will absorb deeper because there's no dirt, oil and residual makeup blocking the product.

Here's a quick breakdown of the 3 most popular cleansing tools, and why I rated them as such:

The Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush is perfect for anyone who claims to have sensitive skin and needs something gentle. It also happens to be the cheapest (coming in at $90). Using sonic movement, the white bristles on the brush head are gentle and meant for the cheeks, while the green tip is ideal for the t-zone where a deeper cleanse may be necessary. Comes with a stand that dries and charges the device.

The Foreo LUNA Mini (pronounced FOR-AY-O) is the most unique because it's made up of tiny anti-bacterial silicone nubs that pulsate and gently massage the skin. It's probably the most gentle of the three devices (and moderately priced at $139), and ideal for anyone who used a cleansing device with a brush and found the bristles just too strong. Use it for 1 minute, 2x a day and be amazed at how rarely you have to charge it. This is also great for anyone who travels a lot because it's compact and you don't need any other attachments. It also comes in a multitude of fun colors.

The Clarisonic Smart Profile, Face and Body Sonic Cleansing is where I'd personally put my money because it's intuitive and truly smart. It has 4 speeds, will clean 11x better than hands alone, comes with a face and body brush head attachment and the brush heads contain tiny microchips that communicate with the tool. For example, if you're using the device in "smart mode" the brush head will adjust the speed automatically based on where you move it on your face. So if you are using it on your cheeks, it will be more gentle than say your forehead. The tool will also let you know when you need to replace the brush heads, so you don't have to mark the calendar when you bought your last one (as if anyone does that anyway!). Really every skin type can benefit from this one, and the fact that you can use it on your body is also a BIG bonus. The only two downsides are the price: $265 (why do I always like the expensive stuff?!) and they only have one color- white. I'm sure that will change soon though since Clarisonic offers a variety of colors for their other models.

As with any of these devices, they're only meant to be used with a cleanser, so no exfoliation with these (they could be too abrasive with a scrub and cause irritation). Oh, and the two-step cleansing is still crucial with (or without) any of these devices.

Would you consider buying a cleansing tool, or do you already own one?

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