Monday, July 21, 2014

breakout freakout

We've all been there. It's hot out and you want to wear a tank top but you're self-conscious because you just found a pimple on your shoulder that you hadn't noticed before (yup, this just happened to me!). Breakouts on your body seem so much worse than on your face because at least with your face, you can cover it with makeup. By the way, I can't stand the word "bacne"- it's such an ugly word for an already difficult condition.

The skin on your body is tougher, so it requires products that can really drive those active ingredient's deep into the skin.

Here are some steps to getting clear, healthy skin all year long:

Wash with this:
Murad // Fresh // Juice Beauty // Neutrogena
The trick to making these medicated washes work is to leave them on the affected area as long as possible. Shave your legs, wash your face- just try to keep that wash on for at least 3 minutes. And for heaven's sake, get that conditioner out of your hair first before you wash with these! Otherwise, that moisturizing conditioner will run down your back, leaving it (and your hair) silky soft. Great for hair, not good for your skin.

Or, wipe with these:
Dr. Dennis Gross // First Aid Beauty // Murad
Let's just say it's the middle of a hot summer day and you were sweatin' it out (literally) while watching your daughter play at the park and your body is begging for a shower. Unfortunately, jumping in a shower every time you break a sweat isn't practical. Thankfully, these wipes are. They'll clean the skin of dirt/oil/sweat while treating it with an acne medication. Plus they'll instantly cool you down. Bonus!

Spot treat with this:
DERMAdoctor // Clean & Clear // Kate Somerville
For those stubborn blemishes on your body, a spot treatment is a necessity. Stick with Active Ingredients using either Salicylic Acid or Sulfur. I love Benzoyl Peroxide for the face, but it bleaches out your clothes if you put it on your body, so just play it safe and avoid using it on your body. On clean, dry skin, apply the spot treatment directly to the blemish and let dry. Only do this 2x a day to avoid over drying. Also, adding a mask over a spot treatment will help it clear up much faster.

And finish with a spritz:
Murad // Neutrogena // Nature's Cure
These sprays are the finishing touch that'll be your ticket to clear skin. They're preventative and corrective, and they spray at a 360 degree angle so you won't need assistance when applying these. They leave a fine mist that dries in no time. Use these after your shower, no more than twice a day.

*Do you ever get breakouts on your body? This summer has been particularly frustrating for me and let me tell you, I've been following this routine and am using the Neutrogena grapefruit wash and the Murad Clarifying Spray and have seen such a difference already! I may not be at 100% yet, but I'm already noticing the blemishes clearing up faster. Let me know if you've used any of these products- I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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