Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Beauty Fixation: July

Have you ever heard of the makeup line called Sleek? One of my makeup artist friends told me about the brand and I've been impressed with their products and prices ever since. They're a UK brand that has one of the best bronzer & highlighter contour duos I've ever used. The bronzer is a matte powder and the highlighter has a subtle shimmer, so it's not like there are large chunks of glitter all over your face. Their prices are also fantastic, especially for it being shipped overseas (the only downside is they're not sold in the U.S. so it takes a while to receive your order, but the shipping fees are surprisingly reasonable). 

This contour duo comes in three shades of Light, Medium, Dark and I own the Light. I use it every day and have had it for a year now, with still more to go. I've been using this brush for a while, but I really want this double-ended one.

Do you use a highlighter and bronzer, or do you contour at all? 

p.s. Sleek doesn't know me at all, I just like the brand

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