Tuesday, May 20, 2014

neon lights

Rainbow Bright eye looks are all the rage right now. These palettes are a great example of what I'm talking about, but if a palette overwhelms you then maybe just slip in single bright color into your routine. You'll feel more summer-y the instant you do it. 
e.l.f.  //  Sleek  //  Lorac  //  Urban Decay  //  Marc Jacobs
Here are a few ways to wear some of these vibrant colors without looking like you're four and got into your mother's makeup:

~ I love how the mint green is only in the corner and is paired with golds and browns. Keeping the bright color in one area, while the rest of the lid has neutral colors, keeps this look fresh and sophisticated.

~ This is a great take on the smokey eye with a punch of aqua to keep it from being too heavy. Just a pop of color on the lids brightens this eye look.

~ If eyeshadow isn't your thing, a bright eyeliner can have the same effect. Keep the color to just the top or bottom of the lashes to avoid looking like a teeny-bopper.

I think blues and aquas are so pretty for the summer, especially when paired with golden-bronze hues. Do you have any favorite summer looks?

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