Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Beauty Fixation: May

As soon as I hit those unfortunate puberty years, one of the first things I purchased were blotting tissue papers. You see, I've got oily skin. Sure, as I've gotten older it's dried up a little more (so now I'm more combination) but I still get really shiny as the day goes on. So I keep a package of my favorite blotting papers with me at all times: the Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Papers.

I used to love the Body Shop papers but I'd finish a pack in a matter of weeks. The problem was they were really small pieces of paper, so I ended up needing multiple pieces. That's why I love the Shiseido papers because they're a larger size and there's a very fine amount of powder to help absorb and mattify the oils from the skin. 

Whenever I'm asked to recommend I'm a firm believer in removing the oil rather than packing on powder

Even if you're not naturally oily skin, any hot, humid climate will make anyone look oily. These papers are a lifesaver and should be in your purse too.

*Shiseido has no idea who I am so there's no compensation happening here. I'm just an admirer of this product.  

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