Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thankfully Flawless at the Thanksgiving table

Rachel McAdams, Elizabeth Olsen, Lea Michelle

Usually it's about you and not the turkey, but Thanksgiving might be the only exception. Nothing is more unattractive than lipstick on your turkey. Ew. Let’s keep it real and let’s keep it simple at the Thanksgiving table (take note from the lovely ladies above).

Thanksgiving is not the time to wear a bold lip. Do you really want to worry about your whole look wearing off after the appetizer and the eating marathon has only just begun? No, you don't. This is a great time to play off your eyes and wear a little more eyeshadow and liner than you normally do. Grab one of these bronze-y brown palettes and do a slightly more dramatic eye with a smudgy brown liner and lots of mascara.

Pair this eye look with a softer lip that, when faded, won't wash you out. This kind of advanced preparation should help you avoid saying,"where did all my makeup go?" when you pass a mirror. A pale pink lip stain from Tarte or one of these gorgeous nudes from Hourglass should do the trick.
Tarte/ Hourglass

Add some peachy blush and you’ll feel polished and pretty even while you’re stuffing your face.


  1. What's a good pale pink lip stain from say Target or your local drug store?

    1. Thanks Aubrey! I've heard good things about the CoverGirl Outlast and the Revlon Just Bitten lip stains. Even though I haven't personally used them, these are a true stain so there's not a lot of moisture built in. Basically, you'll need a lip balm or gloss over it to avoid your lips from drying out. But the color won't fade because of the stain! Let me know if you choose one and how it is.