Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween looks, part deux

I couldn't help myself, there are so many creative Halloween costumes that I had to do another post!

This kitty-cat is just a lot of black liner- so easy and yet so dramatic! Pair this with an all-black outfit, black tail, kitty ears and no one will want to cross your path!

These wiggly eyes allover the face make me laugh and creep me out at the same time. I like the use of various sizes to create a pattern. Eyelash glue would keep these stuck, but I'd be careful about expressions- you don't want a wiggly eye popping off into your own eye!

Ok if you're seriously makeup challenged, how creepy/cool are these temporary zipper tattoos? No worrying about your makeup smudging or smearing. Just slap these babies on and your ready!

The Roaring '20's are so popular right now and this headpiece is AH-MAY-ZING! It could even be considered bridal it's so pretty. A dark wine/berry lip lacquer with a delicate winged out black eyeliner would keep this look fresh and modern.

This Scarecrow look is less dopey and more beauty. A peachy, shimmer-free lipstick for the lips, cheeks and nose and then a black waterproof liner for the rest should be all you need to pull this together.
So after all that, have you now decided what you'll be for Halloween?


  1. love all of them the eyes is creepy but uniqu
    e love roaring 20s what is baby Ruby being for Halloween?? xoxo Janet mystery women

    1. Ruby's going to be a cupcake for Halloween! I'll post pictures