Saturday, August 16, 2008

Seashell Bridal Shower Cake

This seashell cake was a bridal shower cake that I recently did. The maid of honor ordered these gorgeous edible white chocolate sea shells from another vendor, but I made the coral and the edible "sand". The bottom cake is a 12" chocolate cake with homeade raspberry filling and the top tier is vanilla cake with a French vanilla custard filling and the frosting is a Swiss Meringue. 

The function hall for the Bridal shower didn't have air conditioning and that is why the cake is so shiny! The Swiss Meringue is durable but it did get really soft in the August humidity.

I still think that the color of the cake should be a soft blue so that the shells could stand out more, but the Bride didn't want blue. Oh well!

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  1. Speaking as the bride, I honestly had no clue what to expect for a cake, as this cake was a present from my maid of honor. I am in agreeance, that it would have been beautiful in blue as well, but we (the bride and groom) could not have been happier.

    Those attending our shower reception couldn`t get over how beautiful the cake was. Everyone was in awe over the work that was done in putting the cake together and the details. We could never have had a more beautiful depiction of our destination wedding theme, then that! Simply perfect!

    Not only was it eye candy, but the cake was so deliciously dreamy. I can be honest in saying that I have NEVER tasted anything so good in my whole life. It melted in your mouth in complete sensous delight. Trust me when I tell you, that it is the prefect cake for a wedding night. :)

    All of our guests must have enjoyed it as well, since generally there is a lot of cake left over, but to our surprise, at the end of the evening, we wandered back for another piece, and it had dissapeared long before our attempt.

    So I guess in saying that, our only dissapointment was that we just couldn't get enough!!!

    Trisha... we send huge thanks from Nova Scotia in complete appreciation for making our special day, complete heaven.